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Jet Monde Executive

The excellence for 30 years

Specialized in Business Aviation, VIP and Emergency flights, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the JET MONDE team will be able to resolve any transportation request taking all your requirements and expectation into account.
For 30 years our priorities are: safety, efficiency, comfort and confidentiality…
Our in depth Business Aviation market knowledge , allows us to satisfy your smallest request… Major industrial and financial groups, SME, artisans, Government and Head of State, showbiz Stars and private individuals place their trust in us… Why not You ?

Your requirements will become ours…

Jet Monde

Le club executive

With the Jet Monde “Le Club Executive” membership card,
travel by Jet or Helicopter, and benefit from 3 unique services:
1- Flights on demand
2- Cabin sharing
3- Sale seats on scheduled flights.

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